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3 Michelin Star Chef Japanese Cuisine

Highest-Quality Japanese food at the hands of the Michelin-starred Chef Hidemasa Yamamoto.

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About Us

Chef Hidemasa Yamamoto

With multiple culinary awards and accolades through his illustrious career, Chef Yamamoto held the honorable distinction of serving numerous presidents in the distinguished Jockey Club at the Washington’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel. He has also graced the kitchen of the legendary Roger Verge in Province and Chez Nous Hama located in San Francisco.


Fresh ingredients

Using the highest quality ingredients Flown in from japan. such as the Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef, guests can expect an unforgettable dining experience.

Chef's specialties

Whether its the fragrant Garlic Fried Rice or a steaming bowl of Ramen with a traditional Tonkotsu Soy broth, chefs at HIDE are dedicated to presenting guests with a variety of choices. Some selections are also exclusively available only on the lunch menu.


Events and parties are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, occasions for us to share our dedication to celebration in exciting new ways.

our kitchen

Fresh Ingredients Flown in from Japan

Japanese food is known for its simple yet flavorful and eye-pleasing aesthetics. The art of YAKUMI (the extra refinement of garnishing) is used to enhance and yet not overpower the condiments presented with the freshest ingredients being used to surprise the diners’ palates.


Catering For Your PRIVATE EVENTS

For Private Parties or Business Functions, Hidemasa Restaurant is the ideal late-night venue. We assist you in creating spellbinding moments by combining luxurious settings, exclusive views, chef-crafted cuisines, and individualized service for everything from birthday parties to product launches to weddings.

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News & recipes

Bento Box & Rice Bowl Menu - Hidemasa Restaurant
December 9, 2022
Bento Box & Rice Bowl Menu - Hidemasa Restaurant

Japanese rice bowls, known as "donburi" in Japanese, are a popular and hearty dish that consists of rice topped with various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and eggs. At Hidemasa restaurant, you can find a wide variety of donburi options, each with its own unique flavors and ingredients. Some popular choices include gyudon, which is thinly sliced beef and onions simmered in a sweet and savory sauce, and katsudon, which is a breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet served over rice with a scrambled egg. Whatever your preference, Hidemasa restaurant is sure to satisfy your appetite and provide a delicious taste of Japanese cuisine.

Japanese Appetizer Menu - Hide Masa Restaurant
December 9, 2022
Japanese Appetizer Menu - Hide Masa Restaurant

Japanese cuisine is known for its diverse and flavorful dishes, and Hidemasa restaurant offers a variety of delicious appetizers that are sure to excite your palate. Some popular Japanese appetizers include edamame, which are lightly salted and steamed soybeans, and gyoza, which are pan-fried dumplings filled with meat and vegetables. Another favorite is takoyaki, which are bite-sized balls of batter filled with octopus and topped with savory sauce and green onions. At Hidemasa Japanese restaurant, you can enjoy these and other tasty appetizers in a traditional and inviting atmosphere.

Japanese Dessert & Sweet Menu - Hidemasa Restaurant
December 9, 2022
Japanese Dessert & Sweet Menu - Hidemasa Restaurant

At Hidemasa, we believe that dessert is the perfect way to end a meal on a sweet and satisfying note. That's why we offer an extensive menu of traditional and modern Japanese desserts that are sure to delight and impress. From delicate mochi and sweet bean paste confections to refreshing sorbets and fruit-based treats, our desserts are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat. And with our commitment to using the freshest ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking techniques, we strive to create desserts that are truly a feast for the senses. Whether you're a fan of Japanese cuisine or just have a sweet tooth, we invite you to come and experience the art of Japanese dessert at Hidemasa.